How to win from a bookmaker in live

How to win on live bets?

Playing live bets is inherently very similar to traditional pre-match bets, however, there are several nuances, knowledge of which will help you play live bets successfully. Live ufc betting canada are becoming more and more popular every year, and therefore bookmakers are not asleep – they treat live with double care in order to always be one step ahead of the players. If we want to make money on live bets, we can’t keep up with them.
Below is not a win-win strategy and not a magic method to bend bookmakers without risk, but just a few tips on how to make live bets correctly. The tips may seem very trivial, but believe me – if you start following them clearly, the profitability of your live bets will increase.

Stick to a financial strategy

There is nothing to do in betting without competent bankroll management. Especially in live, because live is a gambling thing. There is always a great temptation to spit on the financial strategy and double the bet to recoup. Therefore, if you do not adhere to a clear financial strategy, you can merge the bank in live in two accounts. Our advice is to bet flat, that is, determine in advance how much interest from the bank each of your live bets will be. For example, always bet 5% of the bank. Such a strategy significantly increases the chances of profit in the long run. And it reduces the chances of losing. Of course, there are more complex financial strategies for live, but they are for more experienced players.

Don’t bet on anything

The good thing about live betting is that it allows you to receive money simply because you are well versed in a particular sport. For example, if you are very good at football, you can make good money by betting on it live. However, there is a downside to the coin – many players begin to climb into those sports in which they do not understand at all. For example, a person is well versed in football, but there are no football matches late at night, but basketball competitions are held. And he starts betting live on basketball, even though he doesn’t really know the rules of this sport. It is not difficult to predict the result of such bets.

Watch the matches

Another cool thing that live allows is that you can bet on a match that you watch live. Before the match, it is unknown which team the coach will put up, in what mood and physical condition the team will be, what tactics it will choose. During the match, all this is visible. A person who has watched thousands of football matches in his life intuitively feels how the match he is watching in a live broadcast will develop. So try to watch the matches you bet on live – this will increase your chances of success.

Don’t be greedy

Ask any more or less experienced player, and he will tell you how once in an evening he increased his pot several times thanks to live. Yes, if you take a lot of risks, you can really increase the bank by two, three, five times in just one evening. But if you constantly take risks, sooner or later you will have a bad day and you will lose everything. Do not strive for too steep results. Listen, if you increase your initial bank by only 5% every day, then in just a month it will grow almost 5 times. And if you raise only 1% a day, you will increase the pot 37 times in a year (for example, you will win $3,700 from $100)!

Don’t lose your sober mind

Many players like that live allows you to recoup immediately. New markets appear every minute, you don’t have to wait for several hours for something interesting to appear in the line. This live is good for impatient players who do not want to look for suitable events for a long time. But this is the danger: after making a few unsuccessful bets, you can lose control of yourself and, wanting to recoup as soon as possible, make a bunch of stupid bets and lose the whole pot.

Gain experience

Primitive advice: before you put it in live, just follow it for a while. For example, if you plan to bet on totals, then watch how the odds on totals change during the match. In live, it is very important to be able to react quickly to the changed coefficients. Therefore, only knowing in advance how the live will behave further, you can make reasonable bets and win money.

Live betting Strategies – How to bet live

Most of the strategies developed for live are the personal experience of the players, their own trials and errors. As you know, there are no one-hundred-percent strategies that allow you to get mountains of gold from bookmakers for decades: otherwise there would be no bookmakers left. Live is fast and dynamic betting: in a couple of minutes you need to assess the situation on the field, make the necessary conclusion, choose the outcome and coefficient and place a bet.

The strategy of live betting on the favorite’s goal

Often bookmakers give small odds on the victory of the team that is considered the favorite in this match. This makes the standard single bets on this outcome meaningless. However, there is an opportunity to earn money in live.

Approximately in the middle of the first period or half, the coefficient for a goal in the half increases, sometimes at times. If the player is sure that one of the teams will be able to score, at this point you can place a bet.

Before making a decision on bets, it is necessary to analyze the lineups of the teams, in particular, the favorite. Evaluate the motivation of both rivals. Take a look at the position of the teams in the standings and figure out who needs the extra three points more. For example, if a team has already reached the playoffs and is ahead of the main competitors by a decent margin, it can use one or two matches to warm up.

So, the main prerequisites for the fact that the favorite will score a goal already in the first half:

  1. The presence of statistics confirming that the team often scores a goal in the first round.
  2. Optimal command structure.
  3. Good motivation.
  4. The opponent’s average defense.

Live betting strategy “goal by game”

This strategy is designed for professional players who have solid experience in sports betting and an understanding of the chosen sport. It’s no secret that some teams that are considered de jure favorites are seriously overrated. However, quotes for their opponents are quite attractive, and predicting the goal of an outsider team during the game, you can get a kef of 2-3 or higher.

Bets on this strategy are made flat – up to five percent of the total amount of the bank. Before betting on a goal, you need to review the statistics. If you plan to use this strategy for a long time, look through several leading championships and European cups, select a dozen teams that consistently score at least one goal, and focus on their matches.

If one or two bets are planned, view the live statistics. A large number of shots on goal says that the team is playing an active attacking game.

Bets on the favorite who missed first.

It’s no secret that in many matches the first goal is conceded by the team that eventually wins the match. It doesn’t depend on the sport. Real Madrid can miss the ball in the first round from some Betis, Pittsburgh will miss the puck from an Avalanche, in basketball, the team leading in the standings can “sleep through” the entire first quarter and start an active game only closer to the middle.

Study statistics. There are teams that specifically merge part of the game – this is part of their game strategy.

Do not blindly trust the strongest. If you play live, review the games and evaluate the reasons that led to the defeat in the first minutes of the match. And place bets based on what you see with your own eyes.

Forks in live

The search for “forks” enjoys a certain popularity among professional players. Unlike the pre-match version, where the player compares the lines of several BC, there is no absolute guarantee of profit. The player predicts the appearance in the live-painting of the match, bets on which will be accepted live. The player predicts the most likely outcome of the match and waits for suitable outcomes in pre-selected offices.

Live forks are popular in dynamic sports, for example, lawn and table tennis or volleyball. If equal teams take part in a volleyball match, bets on the winner of the set may change several times in the shortest period of time. And they often reach kefs above two. If you feel the teams and can predict the situation during the match, you can use it.

Real-time betting is a rather risky and risky activity. You can test in practice certain game strategies, both borrowed and personally developed, only if you can coolly assess what is happening on the field in the midst of a match. Not everyone succeeds.