How to become a bookmaker analyst

Who is a sports analyst and how to become one

A sports analyst, aka capper– is a professional betting player who can not only play himself, but also help other players who do not have the relevant experience. It predicts the outcome of a game or other sporting event and provides a forecast to a client who wants to make a win-win bet.

Features of the profession

An experienced sports analyst can specialize in specific competitions. Football and hockey experts are the most common, but some offer forecasts for golf, rugby, baseball, and American football.

An analyst of sports matches should know the betting strategy perfectly and have an idea of the main betting firms, their advantages and disadvantages. Many bookmakers work and accept bets on the Internet. The best sports analyst also works in a similar way: he calculates the possibility of winning a team or an individual athlete, analyzes offers from various offices, makes a selection and sends data using a paid online subscription to his clients.

When making a detailed forecast, a sports analyst takes into account the slightest features of athletes, statistics for the last couple of years, details of private life and other specific data. Whether or not to trust the received forecast is a matter for each individual player. A capper who wants to stay in the profession values his reputation and provides only high-quality information.


Knowledge and skills

The main qualities of a professional capper are a genuine interest in the chosen sport and a simultaneous lack of emotions. If the analyst is worried about the victory of a particular team, this will inevitably affect the quality of the forecast.

Capper’s interest in sports is not related to excitement, but to understanding the situation, analytical thinking, the ability to look at the game distantly. He must constantly monitor sports events, information around the selected championship and other factors. The analyst always thoroughly knows everything related to the analyzed sport and athletes.

No special training is required to work as a sports analyst. In this capacity, an experienced athlete or commentator, as well as a journalist or another person who is not connected with sports in a “past life” can act. The main thing is that he has the appropriate knowledge and skills.

A sports analyst should have an excellent knowledge of mathematics, especially its branches such as probability theory and statistics. He will have to work a lot with a computer and use specialized programs that process large statistical arrays. He needs to thoroughly study the subject area – sports and the situation around him – and constantly replenish the piggy bank of knowledge, analyze, draw conclusions. A plus will be our own sports event analytics program.

How to get a remote job

A sports analyst at a remote job has several ways to generate income:

  • Private consultations. Former champions, commentators and other people who have a certain fame in the sports world can earn money from this. Clients find such specialists themselves.
  • Work in a specialized company – in a bookmaker’s office, on the betting exchange and other similar institutions.

A specialist working independently can issue analytical forecasts for sports in any form. When working in a specialized office , its functions are as follows:

  • The study of information on a specific match.
  • Analyses, conclusions, forecasts.
  • Making a convincing text based on the forecast: the client of the company should be interested and place a bet or issue a paid subscription.

Before becoming a sports analyst of a bookmaker, the applicant will have to pass a test and prove that he has an idea about betting. Most often, it is suggested to make a forecast for a certain match, including an announcement and an approximate layout for the game. If the result suits the firm, you will be hired.