How to find bookmakers’ mistakes

Bookmakers’ mistakes in live and pre-match.

Errors in the pre-match
Errors when setting coefficients in the pre-match, due to the fact that BC does not take into account changes in the composition of teams and similar events. This usually happens at the beginning of the season, since significant changes often occur during the offseason – the club changes the coach, he changes tactics, or the team loses strong players, and the new ones have not yet had time to “play” with each other.

Mistakes related to incorrect assessment of the strength of teams in the first rounds of the championship, low quotes for favorites who are leaders only on paper, etc.

High odds at the end of the game, when they are no longer relevant. This often happens in volleyball and basketball.

Wrong line for low-rated matches. And also to events of exotic and unpopular sports.

Errors in live
Bookmakers’ mistakes in live are a belated or incorrect reaction to such changes during the match as penalties, player removals, dangerous penalties, substitutions of leading athletes, etc. At the same time, the lesser popularity and fame of the duel causes a greater delay in the line. This is an opportunity to make a profitable bet or even bet on an arbitration situation.

Other errors
Problems with updating the line, in which players have the opportunity to bet on a match that has already ended. Such bets cannot be concluded in any case, as this is fraught with a decrease in the highs and blocking of the account.

Obvious mistakes in team names, athletes’ surnames, etc. Such typos and errors of the BC do not bring benefits to the bettor.

How to look for bookmakers’ mistakes?

Errors regularly occur in both large and small bookmakers. How to find them? Follow the line, as well as the games in real time. The most common errors occur in live, since the coefficients during the match are set by employees of bookmakers, that is, real people who tend to make mistakes. If you react faster than the office staff or analyze better, more informed, you can take advantage of the situation and place a bet.

The simplest example of earning money on the inaccuracies of bookmakers:

  • Find any football match (choose the sport in which you are well versed) that is live or should start in the near future.
  • You open the website of your bookmaker and at the same time the website (or TV channel) where the game is broadcast live. There is no point in watching the match on the BC website, since most offices give a picture with a slight delay.
  • Open the “quick bet” window, enter the amount, wait for the right moment to make a bet.
  • Any events in the course of the game have an impact on the growth and fall of the coefficients. For example, if the favorite team scores a goal, the quotes for its victory decrease, but this does not happen automatically, but due to the corresponding reaction of the BC employee. The bettor should have time to place a bet on a more profitable CF if the office staff does not react quickly enough.

Here is another example – with the score 1:0 in a football match, a bet on TB (1) is presented in the BC line. Obviously, this is a consequence of the inattention of the office staff, since the bookmaker will not profit from such a bet. And if a player bets on such an outcome, then at least he will not lose. As you can see, there are ways to make money on the errors of bookmakers. And here it is important to ask the most important question – is it worth using the “shoals” of bookmakers?

Is it necessary to try to make money on the mistakes of bookmakers?

In the rules of absolutely all bookmakers there is a clause about staff errors that caused incorrect display of quotes, results, names and lineups of teams, system failure and other similar situations. It says that BC is not responsible for any failures and their consequences, as well as actions committed by players in connection with such circumstances.

The bookmaker can safely cancel the bet made by the player or calculate it with a coefficient of 1, referring to the fact that a technical error was made or a software error occurred when setting the coefficients. Therefore, the chances that the bettor will receive some profit from the bookmaker’s mistakes tend to zero. It is virtually pointless to spend your time looking for bookmakers’ “shoals”, since the bet will not bring profit, and the BC security service will take note of the player himself, which may cause the limits to be cut or the account to be blocked in the future.